Napalm Nanny and The Shack

Trick or Tunes

October 16, 2021

Halloween is all fun and games till you get egged by a bunch of hooligans with nothing better to do...I will find you one day and revenge shall be sweet. Tune in to this weeks episode of a spooky playlist and some haunting Halloween history, seriously, it's good.

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-Al Saxon. Evil Eye

-Claudine Clark. Walkin' Through a Cemetery

-The Elites. Jack the Ripper

-Bo Diddley. Bo Meets The Monster

-the Fiends. The Addams Family Theme

-The Crystals. Frankenstein Twist

-The Magics. Zombie Walk

-Hollywood Flames. Frankenstein's DenĀ 

Background: The Madmen. Haunted

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