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Doo-Wop V

Doo-Wop V

May 21, 2022

This episode is in honor of my dual identities as a Mexican American, navigating a world that I was not considered American enough and another that did not consider me Mexican enough. To all my pochos and pochas, we are blazing a path in this world as best as we can. So here is a little history on Los Apson and Dion and The Belmonts, that so wonderfully represents both sides of my identities. 

Half of this episode is recorded in Spanish, so no making fun of me. 

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 1.  Ricky and The VaCels. Don't Want Your Love No More

  2. Ronnie and The Satellites. Last Night I Dreamed

  3. Sandra and The Highlanders. Written in the Stars

  4. The Dolls. Just Before You Leave

  5. Jesse Belvin with the Laurels. (This is my) Love song

  6. The Belmonts. Smoke From Your Cigarette

  7. Vala Quons. Teardrops

  8. De-Lights. I'm Comin' Home

  9. Los Apson. Cuando Fue un Jovencito  

  Background: Hugh Masekela. Grazing in the Grass

Napalm and Friends: Rubber Bullet Punk

Napalm and Friends: Rubber Bullet Punk

May 18, 2022

Excited for this weeks guest as we crossed paths at warehouse/backyard gigs waaayyy before The Shack was even a concept, the incredibly humble and wild, Angel. We chat about his punk roots, documenting the Los Angeles punk scene, drug use, and so much more. As always, guests pick the playlist. 

 1. The Stains. (two songs) Canada. Political Scandal

  2. Fatal Riot. Drugs I Adore

  3. The Dictions. Ninos de la Calle

  4. The Criox. Fuck the Cops

  5. The Ramones. Chain Saw

  6. Subhumans. Drugs of Youth

  7. The Adicts. Don't Exploit Me

  8. Tikis. Somebody's Son 

  Background: Gary Webb. Drum City

Instru-Mental VIII

Instru-Mental VIII

May 14, 2022

What is one band that tore the music scene a new one? The Trashmen of course. They rightfully claimed their place on the charts with their timeless tune Surfin' Bird. Learn a little more on the group while enjoying this weeks playlist. 

While you enjoy the tunes check out Mighty Joe Castro and The Gravemen, your ears will thank me!

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 1.  The Trashmen. King of Surf

  2. The Hustlers. Dance Baby Dance

  3. Les Pharaons. La Marche Des Martiens

  4. The Blazers. Graveyard

  5. The Champs. Sombrero

  6. The Executioners. Dead End pt I

  7. South Lake 8. South Parkway

  8. The Blazers. Bangalore

  Background: Billy Joe and The Checkmates. Percolator Twist

Napalm and Friends: Michael Pearce

Napalm and Friends: Michael Pearce

May 11, 2022

Over the moon for this weeks episode of Napalm and Friends with an incredible human being that restores my faith in humanity and the internet, the insanely talents guitarist from Sigmund Fraud, Michael Pearce. Tune in and learn a little about the punk scene in Australia, how Michael came to pick up the guitar, and so much more! Like always, guest picks the playlist

Michael Pearce Instagram

Sigmund Fraud Instagram

Find Sigmund Fraud albums on Apple and Spotify

  1. Human Error. Clowns

  2. Fugazi. Waiting Room

  3. Parquet Courts. What Colour is Blood

  4. Frenzal Rhomb. Mum changed the Locks

  5. Aesop Rock. Labor 

  6. Fu Manchu. The Action is Go

  7. Decrepit Birth. Sea of Memories

  8. Ne Obliviscaris. Forget Not

  Background: String Kings. The Bash


Girls in Garage VI

Girls in Garage VI

May 7, 2022

I am absolutely delighted to share this weeks episode of women on the road and women with guitars (or just any instrument). As someone who is looking to buy a motorcycle soon, I can only hope to be a fraction of a rider as the founder of Motor Maids. Don't know what I'm talking about? Give this episode a listen and enjoy the sweet sweet all ladies playlist that goes with it!

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  1.   Cynthia Williams and The Shaggs. It's Too Late

  2. Rita Chao and The Quests. Shake Shake Shake

  3. Mama Cats. Miss You

  4. The Chimes of Freedom. Jungle Rock

  5. Olivia Molina. Mensaje de Clave

  6. The What Four. I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy

  7. Girls. Rocket for Girls

  8. Tammy and The Sounds. Story of a Tramp

  Background: The Mach IV. II Eko Eleki 

Napalm and Friends: King Flamingo

Napalm and Friends: King Flamingo

May 4, 2022

Beyond stoked to have this guest, the insanely talented guitarist and vocalist of King Flamingo and overall cool guy, Zach. We chat about the origins of the goo-wop and astro-surf duo, his history with guitars, love for classic horror films, and everything in between. Check out their Instagram under King Flamingo for future shows and pick up the latest merch. As always, guests pick episodes playlist. 

When you're done with this episode, check out their YouTube channel under King Flamingo 

And if may I suggest a few of my favorite music videos of theirs:

King Flamingo. Attack of the Manchovie

King Flamingo. The Ribcage Lounge



  1. The Marketts. Out of Limits

  2. Billy Lee Riley. Flying Saucer Rock and Roll

  3. The Beach Boys. Stoked. 

  4. Santo and Johnny. Love in Space

  5. The Ventures. The Twilight Zone

  6. Bob Fryfogle. Six Foot Under

  7. The Tornadoes. Summertime

  8. Jody Reynolds. Fire of Love 

  Background: Lovie Lovejoy. The Huckle-Buck Twist 

On Tap

On Tap

April 30, 2022

Excited to showcase a few local brews for your listening pleasure! Entirely comprised of local bands from all over (truly appreciate people sending me their projects or their friends!), this weeks episode will set you down the path discovery as I assault your ears with some of the best sounds that deserve (and rightfully demand) a place on your playlists. This week features Taqbir, a punk band all the way out in Morocco, alongside Thelma and The Sleeze, raw rock and roll from Tennessee. Check them out along the rest of the talent on the playlist! (instagram pages tagged in playlist)

Need some more music podcasts in your life? Check out Queen of Shit Mountain Instagram for some great dives into musicians

  1.  Taqbir. Al-Zuki Akbar

   2. Abyecta. Caerán

  3. Thelma and The Sleeze. Motor Tits 3

  4. Romper. Darling

  5. Miranda and The Beat. I'm Not Your Baby

  6. The McCharmlys. Love me Too

  7. MoonFuzz. Friendly Smiles

  8. Jenny Don't and The Spurs. Rattlesnakes and Dogs

  Background: Los Perdidos. Race Rio


Napalm and Friends: Vick

Napalm and Friends: Vick

April 27, 2022

I am beyond honored to have sat down with the amazing talent that lays down sweet, sweet bass lines for The Escapers, Vick Fuentes. I chat with the Las Vegas bassed musician about his musical journey, The Escapers creative process, advice for musicians and so much more. As always, playlist picked by guest

Check out his Instagram page for updates with his music over at Rocksteadyvick

Check out The Escapers Instagram page over at The_Escapers for future shows and band updates

Listen to either Shame on Love or Stay on YouTube or the live performance at Hello Stranger on repeat (your ears will thank you)

Like what you hear? Find merch over on bandcamp under The Escapers

Guest Playlist:

1. Jackson 5 - ABC

2. Sam The Sham and the pharaohs- lil red riding hood

3. Howlin’ Wolf- Smokestack Lightnin’ 

4. The Doors - Alabama song (Whiskey Bar)

5. Richie Valens- Blue birds over the mountain. 

6. The Straycats - Stray cat strut

7. Santo and Johnny - Lazy Day8. James brown - sexy machine

Background: Prince Buster All Stars. Seven Wonders of the World

You’ve Got Soul III

You’ve Got Soul III

April 23, 2022

I think this is one of my favorite playlists so far, guaranteed to make you swoon and tap your toes. Enjoy this soul playlist paired with a little history on the genre. We dig into the roots and subgenres of the infectious and feel good tunes.

If you haven't yet, find me on Instagram under Napalm Nanny and The Shack and don't be afraid to shoot me a message with requests or just to chat! I don't bite, I promise. 

  1. The Maskmen and The Agents. World is a Cafeteria 

  2. Maurice and Mac. Why Don't You Try Me 

  3. Roger Hatcher. Sweetest Girl in the World

  4. The Lollipops. Step Aside Baby

  5. Erma Franklin. Piece of my Heart

  6. The Majestic's. Baby 

  7. The Invitations. Watch out Little Girl

  8. Millie Jackson. A Little bit of Something

  Background: Henry Mancini. Baby Elephant Walk

Napalm and Friends: Real Funny Eddie

Napalm and Friends: Real Funny Eddie

April 20, 2022

Rise and shine, campers! What do you get when you throw comedic chops, master of illusions, and an epic beard thrown together? A mighty entertaining Funny Eddie. I had the absolute pleasure to sit down with U.S. Marine/Ringling Brothers extraordinaire/comedian and talk about his journey through all that and more! Check out his instagram page for some wholesome entertainment over at Real Funny Eddie and on TikTok over at Real Funny Eddie
While you're digging through his jokes and antics, find his recommendations:

-Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic 

-Mario the Maker Magician

-Pali Adventures Magic Camp

As usual, guest picks episode playlist:

  1. Everclear. Santa Monica
  2. Metalachi. Livin' on a Prayer
  3. Lightning Seeds. Pure
  4. Punk Rock Factory. Bruno
  5. Rock Sugar. We Kick Start Your Rhapsody 
  6. Metalachi. Canción de mariachi
  7. Noriel Villela. 16 Toneladas
  8. The Fratellis. Costello Music
  Background: Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass. A Taste of Honey 

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