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Napalm and Friends: Carlos

Napalm and Friends: Carlos

October 6, 2022

Hey, friends, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Well I'm back! And I have a few extremely talented friends that are joining me. First to kick off Napalm and Friends is the amazing Carlos Canovas. He plays bass in The McCharmlys, has toured with Tropa Magica, plays guitar in The Loving Arms, and so much more. Tune in and hear his playlist that's a tribute to his previous work and to the musicians that helped shape him along with his evolution with music. As always, guest picks the playlist. 

Check out his work with The McCharmlys and catch a live show when they're in town.

Along with checking out Apollo 1, Loving Arms, Honey Tones, and Tropa Magica.

  1. Honey Tones. Into the Blue

  2. Altons. In the Meantime

  3. La Chamba.Anos Luz

  4. Introverted Funk. Introverted Funk

  5. Tropa Magica.Morena

  6. Apollo 1. Into You

  7. With Strangers. Wait and See

  8. McCharmlys.

  9. Stevie Fontaine. Right Girls Wrong Time

  10. Lovin Arms.

  11. Love Ends. Carlos

Napalm and Friends: Bloodshot Bill

Napalm and Friends: Bloodshot Bill

August 17, 2022

I am beyond giddy for this guest episode, as it is with the absolute legendary artist, the one, the only, Bloodshot Bill. Tune in and learn a little on how he picked up the drums and guitar along with some wild stories while on the road. As always, the guest picks the episode playlist. 

Find Bloodshot Bill on Instagram under BloodshotBill

Peruse through his website at

Check out all his old and new tunes on Youtube, Spotify, Apple, and more!

  1. Little Walter. Crazy Mixed Up World

  2. Little Johnny and the Silvertones. Rock Til the End of Time

  3. The Vibes. Crying For You

  4. Art Neville. Arabian Love Call

  5. Bloodshot Bill. Dark Lonely Streets

  6. Bloodshot Bill. Dancing Shoes

  7. Public Enemy. Lost At Birth

  8. Missy Elliot. Pass that Dutch
    Background: Mar-Keys. This Thing (Parts 1 and 2)

Napalm and Friends: Favvn

Napalm and Friends: Favvn

August 13, 2022

It is an understatement when I say that this is a long over due episode. She has been here since the start of The Shack as a fierce supporter, so we are forever in her debt. She is a mind-blowingly talented artist who dabbles in various medias, heavily is inspired by Chicano and Mexican culture, and has incredible music taste, it is Erica, AKA, Favvn. Tune in to hear her picks for her playlist and learn a little about his self-taught artist. 

Check out her work and follow her for future art shows out in San Diego over at instagram under Favvn.

  1. The Puppets. Ain’t Going to East My Heart Out

  2. Elia y Elizabeth. Alegria

  3. El Recodo. Te Lo Pido

  4. Ondatropica. Cumbia Especial

  5. Orquestra Baobab. Utrus Horas

  6. Fumaça Preta. Toda Pessoa

  7. Hecavitz. Mixtla Miquixtli

  8. Tom Zé. Augusta, Angelica e Consolacao

  9. Chicha Libre. Indian Summer
    Background: Los Wemblers. Psychadelic Cumbia

Napalm and Friends: Mighty Joe

Napalm and Friends: Mighty Joe

August 11, 2022

I am beyond honored to have this weeks guest, he is an artist in every sense of the word, a true gentleman and scholar, Mighty Joe Castro. Tune into the frontman of The Gravamen story and how he found rock n roll, picked up guitar, dealt with harsh criticism, and so much more. As always, guest pick the playlist.

Check out The Gravamen over on Instagram under thegravamen for future shows near you!

Find Mighty Joe on Instagram for all your Rockabilly Against Racism sticker/merch needs under Mightyjoecastro

Find Mighty Joe Castro and The Gravamen music at Apple, Spotify, and Youtube

For all your Gravamen merch needs, find it over at Mighty Joe Castro

  1. Purple Mountains. That’s Just The Way That I Feel
  2. Joe Strummer. Burning Lights
  3. Sean Rowe. Squid Tattoo
  4. Howling Wolf. Howling For My Darling
  5. Ray Charles. Ring of Fire
  6. Public Enemy. Rebirth
  7. Antonio Badalamenti. The Pink Room
  8. The Flamingos. I Only Have Eyes For You
Napalm and Friends: Anorak

Napalm and Friends: Anorak

August 6, 2022

I am blown away by the incredibly knowledgable AnorakThing!

We chat about his crate digging skills, photography, his time with The Phantom Five, his DIY mod fan zine, and so much more! As always, guests pick the playlist (you won't want to miss out on this one).

Check out his records on sale over on Discogs under Anorakthing 

While you're at it, check out his blog where he uncovers hidden musical gems and history under Anorakthing

Check out his IG with loads of music, photography, and fashion under AnorakThing!

  1. The V.I.P.'s. Straight Down to the Bottom

  2. The Lloyd Alexander Real Estate. I’m Gonna Live Again

  3. Donnie Elbert. This Old Heart of Mine

  4. Mickey Lee Lane. She Don’t Want To

  5. Sammy Davis Jr. Up Up and Away

  6. The Kelly Brothers. Crystal Blue Persuasion

  7. Los Iberos. Liar Liar

  8. Small Faces. Eddie’s Dreaming
    Background: The Marksmen. Lost Guitar

Napalm and Friends: Rick Thrash

Napalm and Friends: Rick Thrash

August 3, 2022

I have to admit, some of the nicest people I have ever met are either metalheads or bikers. Tune in to this weeks Napalm and Friends episode with the founder of Wooden Barrel Co and true DIY bike builder, Ricky Flores. We chat about biker culture in South East Los Angeles, his first build, skating, his love for the road, and so much more. Not enough for ya, well he also picked out playlist!

Check out his adventures over on Instagram under Rickthrash999

For all his builds and behind the scenes of builds check out the Instagram page Woodenbarrelco

  1. Eddie Noak. Psycho

  2. The Coasters. Down In Mexico

  3. Joan Boaz. Diamond In The Rust

  4. Smith. Baby It’s You

  5. America. Horse With No Name

  6. Gordon Lightfoot. Sundown

  7. The Eagles. Take It Easy

  8. David Allen Coe. You Never Call Me By My Name
    Background: Dave Baby Cortez. Rinky Dink

Napalm and Friends: Chad Allen

Napalm and Friends: Chad Allen

July 30, 2022

Once again, The Shack is blessed with an incredibly talented individual. He tap dances, he performs magic, and he writes comics that highlight the differently abled, and is blind, he is, the one and only, Chad Allen. Tune in and hear him talk about everything from his relationship with music from a young age to how he challenges what most people believe can only be visual arts. As always, guest pick the playlist. 

Find his instagram under Chad Allen Magic 

Enjoy a performance or two where he performs on Season 7 Episode 5 of Fool Us with Penn and Teller  and his performance at the Hollywood Burlesque Festival. 

While you're at it, enjoy his audio comic book aptly titles, Unseen

  1. Tom Waits. Step Right Up

  2. The Cramps. Primitive

  3. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Dig Lazarus Dig

  4. Portishead. Cowboys

  5. Blind Melon. Walk

  6. Tom Waits. Going Out West

  7. The Dead Weather. Blue Blood Blues

  8. Morphine. Sharks

  9. Tom Waits. Hang On St. Cristopher
    Background: Jet Harris and Tony Meehan. Diamonds

Napalm and Friends: Dee Lynn

Napalm and Friends: Dee Lynn

July 27, 2022

I had the pleasure of sitting with a talented writer, singer, and guitar player, the one and only, Dee Lynn. We chat about his evolution as a writer and how he learned how to play the guitar, plus so much more! 

Check out his Instagram under Deelynnofficial for new tunes and for future shows! 

Check out his Youtube Channel for his latest tunes under Dee Lynn 

  1. Bad Company. Ready For Love

  2. Fleetwood Mac. Black Magic Woman

  3. The Berkley Five. You’re Gonna cry

  4. Fog Hat. I Just Want To Make Love To You

  5. Blue Sky Boys. Down On The Banks Of The Ohio

  6. Lys Guillorn. Little Wren

  7. Majic Ship. Free.

  8. Led Zepplin. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
    Background: The Lively Ones. Surf Rider

Napalm and Friends: Lili VonSchtupp

Napalm and Friends: Lili VonSchtupp

July 23, 2022

An absolute powerhouse, this weeks guest is the incredible Lili VonSchtupp. I am in awe of her brilliant mind and stage presence, tune in and listen about her notable acts, the longest running burlesque show in Los Angeles, consent between performer and audience, magic, and so much more! As usual, guest picks out the playlist. 

Check out her link tree, Lili Von Schtupp, there is something for everyone. 

Burlesque Deck for all your magic card needs

Looking to start burlesque but not sure where to begin, fortunately for you she hosts one on one classes in Lili's School For Wayward Girls.

  1. I’m Tired - Madeline Kahn from Blazing Saddles

  2. Do you take it in the ass - The Wet spots - Ribbed For Pleasure

  3. Everybody Knows - Concrete Blonde - Pump Up The Volume Soundtrack

  4. Suffering until suffrage -  Schoolhouse Rock Disc 3: America Rocks

  5. No More "I Love You's" - Annie Lennox - Medusa

  6. Harper Valley PTA - Jeannie C Riley - Harper Valley PTA

  7. Sheela-Na-Gig - PJ Harvey - Dry

  8. Bounce your boobies - Rusty Warren - Bag Girls Sing

  9. Background: Frank Miller and Hispania Soul

Napalm and Friends: Orpheus Von Doom

Napalm and Friends: Orpheus Von Doom

July 16, 2022

Once again, The Shack has been blessed with an insanely talented artist. Orpheus Von Doom offers a glimpse into his wondrous world of dizzying highs and plummeting lows through his memorable music that continues to ring in your skull long after you listen. There are so many wondrous layers to his carefully crafted songs and his stage presence that this episode is only the tip of the iceberg. Tune in and listen to the playlist he curated along with a few stories behind the mad world of Orpheus Von Doom.

Find his instagram page under Orpheus Von Doom

Keep an eye out for a future single coming out soon, Mistress of Taboo, in the mean time check out his latest album Black Widow that can be found on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. While you're at it, check out Astral Lounge Podcast for some more groovy convos and art. 

  1. Don Cavalli. Me and My Baby

  2. Parquet Courts. Freebird II

  3. La Sonora Dinamita. Mi Cucu

  4. Low Cut Connie. Rio

  5. Majid Soula. Win Terram

  6. Le Tigre. Deceptacon

  7. The stranglers. Golden Brown

  8. A. Savage. Thawing Dawn
    Background: The Spotnicks. Last Special Train

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