Napalm Nanny and The Shack

The Napalm Special: Leftovers

September 2, 2021

I tried to describe what I look for in songs/artists, honest I did. It's more of an emotion that takes over my being, but tune in and hear my ramblings on how I curate episodes for The Shack (with the exception of guest segments). While you're at it, enjoy the little love note I put together just for you.

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-The Gizmos. Bible Belt Baby

-Barbie Army. Ivan

-Pink, Plastic, and Panties. Bla Bla

-The Petticoats. Normal

-The Brat. Attitudes

-The Brat. High School

-Stains. Pretty Girls

-The Bags. We Don't Need The English 

Background: The Argons. Spike

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