Napalm Nanny and The Shack


September 4, 2021

September is here and all the spooky vibes have intensified. My love an adoration for goblins and ghouls come to the surface, but nothing is more terrifying than man made horrors. That's right, Splatterpunk literature. the genre is controversial as it has no limits, but it has it's cult following. Tune in to learn a little on the literary genre and wiggle your bones to this weeks playlist. 

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-October Country. My Girlfriend is a Witch

-Tangerine Root. Back in my Arms

-Os Mutantes. A Minah Menina 

-The Down Children. Night Time Girl

-Little John and The Monks. Black Winds

-The Gibsons. Two Kinds of Lovers

-Gents. Honor Bright

-Half Pint and The Fifths. Loving on Borrowed Time

-Los Stop. Extiende tus Brazos

Background: Vibrators. Keep a Dreamin'

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