Napalm Nanny and The Shack

Espooky II

October 2, 2021

I can't pronounce German names, but the rum in me thinks I can. Tune in to learn a little about the Expressionist Film Movement (*cough cough* The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari *cough*) that inspired great directors of our day (like David Lynch and Tim Burton). While you're at it, might as well listen to a pretty sweet playlist curated by yours truly (scouts honor it's good).

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-Buddy Knox with The Rhythm Orchids. Devil Woman

-Gin Gillette. Train to Satanville

-Tony's Monstrosities. Igor's Party

-Igor and The Manics. The Big Green

-Bill Buchanan. Beware

-Gary "Spider" Webb. The Cave

-The Swanks. Ghost Train

-Johnny Otis and Marci Lee. Castin' my Spell

Background: Baron Daemon and The Vampires. Ghost Guitars

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