Napalm Nanny and The Shack

Barrelhouse Blues II

October 9, 2021

Haven't done a blues episode in some time now! We have the multi-talented Becky Lynn to thank for this episode as she sparked my curiosity for the life and accomplishments of none other Leadbelly. A man who can sing himself out of a prison sentence is a man I want to be friends with. While you're learning about the Ledbetter and looking into buying some of Becky Lynn's records, enjoy this weeks playlist. 

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-Leadbelly. House of the Rising Sun

-Bukka White. Aberdeen Mississippi Blues

-Furry Lewis. When I Lay my Burden Down

-Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. Hootin Blues

-Woody Guthrie. Cocaine Blues

-Brownie McGhee. So Much Trouble

-Mississippi John Hurt. You Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley

-Elizabeth Cotton. Wilson Rag

Background: Sylvester Weaver. Guitar Rag

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