Napalm Nanny and The Shack

The Napalm Special: Black Coffee and Asphalt

September 22, 2021

As promised, here's my meditations on the last road trip I took. Interesting what you'll find if you just explore outside your postal code for a few days. The open road will challenge you in all the right ways, so hit the pedal to the medal and tune in to this weeks playlist. 

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-Thee Cormans. Creatures Crawl

-Vice Barons. Thunderpussy

-Black Lips. Don't Mess Up my Baby

-The Crawdaddys. Lolette

-Jon and The Nightriders. Super Jet Rumble

-Weirdos. Jungle Rock

-Novas. Crusher

-Mel Smith. Pretty Plaid Skirt

-L.A. Witch. Ghost on the Highway

Background: Rhythm Tones. Wobble Wickle 

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